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DAC publishes thought leadership articles on the full range of topics related to the practical application of marketing measurement, data analytics for brands.

If you have a specific topic you’d like to write about for the DAC audience, or for information on becoming an expert contributor to the ANA DAC website or DAC Learning Lab, contact Daniel Kehrer, Executive Editor: dkehrer @ bizbest.com.

Send ideas only; do not send finished articles. DAC only considers original articles on topics not already thoroughly covered. Please review our editorial guidelines below.

DAC Editorial Guidelines

The ANA Data Analytics Center (ANA DAC) is the preeminent provider of thought leadership and education in marketing measurement, data and analytics, for marketing practitioners.

DAC content criteria include the following:


  • Mission Focused: DAC is about marketing measurement, data and analytics. We explore all aspects of those topics – from broad trends to granular details.DAC does not stray into general marketing and advertising topics.
  • Useful, value-based information: DAC contents aims to provide timely, practical information, advice and best practices that marketers can apply in their own companies and careers.
  • Authoritative: DAC content is authoritative. This occurs through fact-based writing that draws on the author’s demonstrated expertise as well as the expertise of other authoritative sources and – importantly – real world experience and examples. Material or information drawn from elsewhere is clearly attributed.
  • Conversational: DAC content is accessible to a wide audience of marketing and advertising industry processionals at varying levels. The tone is friendly, personalized and avoids excessive use of marketing jargon, buzzwords and acronyms. We take a “Plain English” approach – all the more important when the topic is technical or complex.
  • Engaging: Just because topics are complicated doesn’t mean they have to be boing. DAC content aims to get people thinking while encouraging them to share, comment and otherwise amplify the conversation. The interesting use of colorful metaphors and anecdotes can enliven text and keep readers coming back.
  • Show don’t tell: DAC content is more compelling and useful when it is able to not just “tell” readers about something, but can “show” them through the use of examples, use cases, visuals, case studies, data points or other devices.
  • Visually appealing: Whenever possible, we want to illustrate and supplement DAC content with strong, topic-specific visual components that could include photos & illustrations, charts, graphics, tables and videos.
  • In-depth and detailed: Since DAC is focused exclusively on marketing measurement, data and analytics, we often approach topics in considerable depth. Content that is least helpful is often too general. ACE content drills down into the details to uncover the insights readers are looking for.
  • Non-promotional: DAC content is vendor neutral – it promotes only knowledge and expertise.