DAC Learning Lab

The DAC Learning Lab is a core component of the ANA Data Analytics Center. Its goal is to be the preeminent provider of training and education in marketing measurement, data and analytics for marketing practitioners.

DAC provides training and education in marketing data, measurement and analytics via workshops, webinars and other channels.

Driving Growth with Measurement: Workshop Presented by Neustar

Despite years of ever-increasing emphasis on the importance of measurement, marketers still struggle to get it right. Marketing departments lack transparency and accountability. Functional siloes thwart measurement and optimization efforts. Marketers don’t know what to do with all the data at their disposal and often focus on the wrong metrics.

Further, connecting online and offline results remains elusive, as does consistently applying insights to decision making. Attribution methods are outdated and even measurement-savvy organizations struggle to keep up with the newest tactics and technologies.

This workshop addresses these issues and will help you and your team to understand marketing data, measurement and analytics, the optimization of marketing spending, connecting marketing to revenue, and how to become more proficient at driving growth through analytics. As a result, you and your team will learn how to make more effective decisions that drive your ROI. Contact ANA for further information.

 Curriculum Cornerstones
  • Comprehensive: DAC training sessions aim to provide a holistic view of marketing measurement, data and analytics.
  • Clear: DAC delivers information on marketing measurement in ways that are easy to understand and navigate.
  • Practitioner-focused: DAC explores marketing measurement through the lens of today’s brand marketing practitioner.
  • Progressive: The material starts by covering and then builds on itself.
  • Unbiased: DAC provides tools to improve marketing performance measurement capabilities in a way that’s vendor neutral.
  • Centralized: DAC brings together the key aspects of marketing measurement in one place, rather than through many different sources.

Key Learning Objectives
  • Help brands develop, refine and expand their marketing measurement capabilities to grow revenue, lower customer acquisition/retention costs and build enterprise value.
  • Close the widening gap between fast growing enterprise investment in analytics, and brands’ ability to apply analytical insights for better decision-making and results.
  • Improve marketing’s credibility and accountability in the C-suite and Boardroom.