Genius Awards FAQ

Q: Does my company need to be a member of ANA to participate?

A: No, membership is not required.

Q: Is there a fee to submit?

A: No, there is no fee to submit entries.

Q: Can we submit more than once?

A: You may submit your analytics program in all four categories. However, you can only submit once per category and can be recognized as a winner in only one category.

Q: Can vendors and/or agencies submit on behalf of clients?

A: Agencies and vendors are invited to nominate their clients and work with them on their submission materials. Actual submission must be by the client and all communications with the award organizer must be with the client. Participating brands can recognize their agencies and vendor partners in their submission materials.

Q: Are we required to donate the prize money?

A: Yes. As most companies do not allow employees to keep cash prizes, we expect that the winners will donate the award to a favorite charity.

Q: We have a lot of confidential information tied to our analytics programs. Are we required to release details in order to participate?

A: We understand the proprietary nature of your analytics projects. There is no need to offer up specific details about your proprietary methods. Additionally, you are welcome to use directional numbers or other approximations that represent achievement without compromising sensitive information.

NOTE: There is no requirement to disclose confidential information. Numbers and labels can be altered to preserve confidentiality. As part of our review, we may request to follow up for verification from a senior officer of your company.
For further information or to enter, visit the Genius Awards website.