How Brands Use Location to Understand Customers

. October 20, 2019

We are able to look at the places people go. Customers are describing by virtue of their locations what their day looks like, what they looking for, what they need. Listen in as Gayle Fuguitt, Chief of Customer Insight and Innovation at Foursquare explains how this helps the company to find customers and target audience.

Video Transcript

Gayle Fuguitt: I’m the Chief of Customer Insight and Innovation at Foursquare. I’ve been there two years. Consumers vote with their feet. It’s their behavior, what they actually do is what’s important.

We’re able to look at the places people go. Where they go before they make a purchase. Where they go after. How much time they spend in various locations. But we also know through our first-party check-ins and tips, what their affinities are.

Think about all the places that you went today, when you had coffee, then you were probably upstairs in the conference room. Now we’re here and there maybe it’s a party tonight. That says a lot about who you are and what your interests are.

Consumers are basically describing by virtue of their locations what their day is like. So for a brand what they’re able to do is go in and understand. These are the kinds of segments they might be interested in. They know who their traditional demographic target audiences, and they were able to go in and take the insights from that audience.

You’re looking for these very specialized consumers that have very specialized needs. There are times of day when we can reach them. That are perfect for when they’re looking for a brand like your brand and they’re going to be in a store location, where they would love to hear some information about your product. They’re actually inviting us to connect with them.

For the first time we see consumers aggregating themselves into custom target audiences. So if you think about digital advertising, how many times have you tried to hit the “x” and you get the cookie and all of a sudden you get all these digital ads coming across. You might be standing on the street, trying to get somewhere on Google Maps but you keep getting interrupted.

What we know is there are certain other times when a consumer is looking for a restaurant or they’re looking for some home improvement tips. We’re able to actually find consumers and when they’re looking for something based on their location, and what their mobile phone is telling us. Not just about where they are, but about who they are and the experience that they want to have.

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