DAC Video Case Study: The Sweet Power of Analytics at Dr. Pepper

. March 20, 2018

Jim Trebilcock, Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, discusses Dr. Pepper’s ever-evolving analytics program.

Video Transcript

Jim Trebilcock: Organizationally, how we are approaching data analytics, I’d say honestly this is a work in progress. I’m Chief Commercial Officer for the Dr Pepper Snapple Group. We are about a six point seven billion dollar corporation and we compete across all beverage categories, which is an incredibly competitive and dynamic space.

Data and analytics around data have become incredibly important and a foundational capability that our organization is trying to build and improve and continue to improve on each and every year.

We are building out a data science function that is reporting into consumer insights. We also have a modeling group within our strategy group, trying to get them to work together on a daily basis. There’s a lot of trial and error. We will continue to evolve the structure and the reporting relationships because I don’t pretend to know exactly what the optimal structure is right now and it continues to evolve.

Data and data driven analytics are not going away. They’re going to become more important. They’re going to become a greater lever in your ability to grow your volume.

I think you have to do a self-assessment, where are we in terms of our analytic capability by department, particularly if you’re a mid to lower level company in terms of size. I think you’ve got to find a couple of good outside partners that can help you through this journey, whether it’s your media partner or whether it’s someone like Oracle.

The ability to find the right partners to get started with and begin building your capabilities, I think is really really important.


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