Growth Through Measurement

Accelerating Growth Through Marketing Performance Measurement

Do investments in marketing measurement pay off? Increasing numbers of brand marketers agree that it does, and say they can quantifiably prove it. This research report, produced in collaboration with the Forbes CMO Practice and announced by Neustar, provides detailed evidence of marketing measurement’s payoff.

The study – which analyzed responses from over 800 brand CMOs – shows that “high performing marketing organizations” (companies beating growth plans by over 25%) view measurement as a driver of both short- and long-term financial success. On average, their results show that sophisticated and ongoing measurement produces:

  • 5% improvement in marketing investment performance overall, and;
  • 5% more business growth compared to average performers.

Key Study Results

  • High performing marketers were significantly more data-driven in their approach to measuring, optimizing and reallocating both offline and online investments. Those marketers built significantly (27%) larger internal staff dedicated to measurement.
  • About a quarter of the highest performing marketers are investing over 10% of their budget on measurement and analytics – three times the level of the rest of the sample. These measurement trailblazers are three times more likely to say they will beat their sales targets by 25% or more.
  • High performing marketing organizations are 50% more effective at determining the impact of offline and online media, as well as emerging media types, device types and non-media factors (e.g. weather, traffic, economy) on marketing performance and growth than their counterparts.
  • 52% of high performing marketers adopted people-based targeting to incorporate more data about media, touch points and deliver higher levels of transparency, attribution and connection to financial outcomes.
  • High performing marketing organizations that use attribution models to maximize and unlock the value of social media channels were 10% more effective at using social media to drive brand awareness, over 9% more effective at generating customer engagements and over 9% more effective at obtaining prospective customer responses.
  • The most effective marketers dedicate more staff and technology resources to the development of data, analytics and models. They are also twice as likely to use sophisticated marketing mix models (50%) and multi-touch campaign attribution (55%) to demonstrate ROI.