Making Television Digitally Addressable

. March 12, 2019

Terry Kawaja, Founder & CEO of LUMA Partners joins DAC’s exclusive series of video interviews featuring today’s most insightful thought leaders in data, measurement and analytics. In this video, Kawaja explores how television is becoming more digitally addressable, and what that means for the industry and brands. It is “probably the biggest opportunity in marketing. Period,” says Kawaja.

Video Transcript

Terry Kawaja: Television is changing, changing significantly. It’s effectively becoming digitally addressable.

OTT has dynamic ad insertion, you know, who the user is. Even in linear, it’s becoming addressable where you’re able to utilize either data taken off the screen with HCR or set top box data to know to whom the ad is being played and therefore you can dynamically ad insert a specific ad for that household or for that individual. This is a far cry from where TV traditional linear has been where you basically use the rating points and the GRP and the sort of Nielsen perspective on the age demo to roughly figure out what shows you want to advertise against.

This is a fundamental sea change, probably the biggest opportunity in marketing period. It’s for everybody, but DTC in particular is going to take advantage of this opportunity. Not every general marketer will be able to apply these technologies or these tactics to the same degree.

It is very difficult for the CPG folks to know who their customers are. But they can utilize these improved identity driven customer relationship tools to get a better sense for who their customers are and rely onĀ first party data as opposed to third party data.

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Daniel Kehrer is Executive Editor of the ANA Data Analytics Center (DAC), a leading voice of thought leadership and education in marketing measurement, data and analytics. He is also the Founder of BizBest Media Corp. and previously headed marketing at MarketShare LLC, an advanced marketing analytics technology company.

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