Using AI to Augment Marketing Measurement at IBM

. November 28, 2018

“One topic I’m incredibly passionate about is measurement,” says Michelle Peluso, CMO of IBM. “And what’s exciting in terms of our profession now is that we have more ways than ever to measure and understand the impact of every dollar we spend.”

The DAC sat down recently with Michelle to explore some of IBM’s pioneering efforts in using artificial intelligence (AI) to augment marketing measurement, and learn how IBM is achieving extraordinary results by applying an Agile approach to marketing. In this video (one of three), Michelle explains how IBM is combining the vast amounts of data now available with AI to help move marketing forward even further.

Video Transcript

Michelle Peluso: One topic I’m incredibly passionate about is measurement. I spend most of my career as a CEO and so marketing’s contribution at that table, marketing’s contribution to revenue growth outcomes really matters a lot.

What’s exciting I think in terms of our field and our craft our profession now is that we have more ways than ever to measure and to understand the impact of every dollar we spend. Now it’s true that we have piles more data, so way more data available to understand every customer interaction, way more data to be able to understand every customer’s sentiment but also we’ve just gotten a lot smarter and better at multi-touch attribution and really understanding the contribution marketing makes.

As I think about the next three to five years, what gets me really excited about is how can all this data, how can this measurement combined with artificial intelligence really helps move the marketing profession forward even further. We’re piloting a lot of things right now at IBM where marketers get A.I. driven alerts, about when they have dollars deployed, when they have campaigns in market, what are the next best opportunities for them to optimize, to improve the return on every single dollar spent.

First of all, A.I. will help with our ability to understand the customer and understand the client through sentiment analysis and tone analysis, all these ways that we can better understand what the customer wants. Secondly, A.I. is helping us interact with the customers in new ways. So whether it’s chat bots or interactive ads, really being able to have conversations with our customers in new and unique ways driven by the power of A.I.

The area that I’m also really excited about is how does A.I. actually help us do our best work. And at IBM we’ve been piloting these new capabilities that we call Watson Alerts. We have over 5000 marketers and every day they come in passion about doing a better job they did the day before. So for the campaigns they work on, for the projects they’re working on, they receive in the morning throughout the day A.I. driven alerts which says to them: look, compared to other teams, you have a problem with engagement rate on certain pages.

Here’s some recommendations we have in terms of how you can improve engagement rate. Taking all this data and putting in the hands of marketer’s recommendations so that they can do their best work. It’s really interesting. it’s like the human A.I. partnership and that gets us very excited.

Measurement has gotten much more streamlined and strengthened your ability to drive outcomes to work in an agile fashion is better than ever before. And on the horizon are a lot of new technologies, which will continue to shape the marketing professionals.



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Daniel Kehrer is Executive Editor of the ANA Data Analytics Center (DAC), a leading voice of thought leadership and education in marketing measurement, data and analytics. He is also the Founder of BizBest Media Corp. and previously headed marketing at MarketShare LLC, an advanced marketing analytics technology company.

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